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Onyx Walk-in Shower

Gorgeous and Durable Shower Replacement Options

When it’s time for a shower replacement, HomeMakers Inc offers elegant and durable cultured stone showers from the Onyx Collection. These manufactured stone options come with matching components which make it easy to design a beautiful, seamless look for your bathroom.


American-made in Kansas, Onyx products are low-maintenance, extremely durable, and include a lifetime guarantee. This means should you ever have an issue with your Onyx products, the manufacturer will cover the cost of a repair or replacement or provide you with a full refund.


Since 1996, HomeMakers Inc has offered gorgeous and functional shower upgrades to homeowners looking for a more contemporary, accessible way to shower. Our team delivers low-maintenance cultured stone products designed to last – so you get more value for less money! 

Benefits of Cultured Stone Showers and Surrounds

Cultured stone from the Onyx Collection is made with hydrate crystal and a special polyester resin blend that comes in a gloss or matte finish. This engineered stone is virtually indestructible and features robust water resistance, so your bathroom not only looks great but holds up well for many years.


You have the choice of a pre-made shower pan or a custom one, based on your needs. With low-profile curbs for better accessibility, Onyx makes walk-in showers you’ll love to use every day. Onyx also offers color-matching silicone, specifically designed not just for superior bonding but also for an even more sophisticated look for your new shower and surrounds.


Onyx also features a complete range of shower doors and accessories, meaning your shower replacement with cultured stone will look cohesive for a stunning appearance and ultimate functionality.

"In 2008, my Mother started to become afraid of stepping in and out of the bath. She wanted a Walk-in Tub. For economy purposes, we settled on a Walk-in Shower. Helping Elders age-in-place with dignity has become a passion." 

                                     ~HomeMakers Inc.

Walk in Shower
HomeMakers Inc Onyx Walk in Shower
Walk in Shower
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