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Metal Roofs From Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Since 1996, HomeMakers Inc. has worked with homeowners to replace their roofs with robust and beautiful metal roofing systems. Our team consists exclusively of employees, so you can be confident you’re getting quality craftsmanship. We’re proud to be a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. Our family-owned business offers quality work at a competitive price to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.


Metal is a durable and cutting-edge choice for your home’s roof. HomeMakers Inc. offers both metal shingles and standing seam metal roofs from Classic Metal Roofing Systems. These metal roofing materials are made in the United States, and up to 99% of your new metal roof will be made from recycled materials. 








Why Invest in a Metal Roof?


If you’re considering a metal roof, there are many benefits to this material. With a metal roof, you not only have enhanced fire and pest resistance but superior protection against the elements. A metal roof offers:

  • Decades of reliable performance. Homeowners who choose metal often get 50 years or more of reliable performance out of their roofing systems.

  • No structural reinforcement is needed. Due to its lightweight nature, most existing roofing structures don’t need additional reinforcement to accommodate metal.

  • Energy efficiency. In addition to being environmentally friendly on account of its recyclable content, metal also reflects the sun’s rays, meaning your home absorbs less heat for a more comfortable interior.

  • Sheds snow and rain. Metal roofs easily shed rain and snow, so you’ll have less worry about dangerous snow or ice buildup in the winter.

With all the benefits of metal roofing, it’s no wonder homeowners love this material!

Get a Free Estimate on a New Metal Roof

Find out more about what metal can do for your roof with an estimate from HomeMakers Inc. For a free estimate, please contact us today or fill out our convenient online form.

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