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Custom Tile Shower

Custom Walk-in Tile Shower

Tile is the most beautiful thing you can have. It is built to your specifications, colors, and needs. We can build seats, add grab bars, and use any tile you want. You can have a rain shower. A steam shower. A pink shower. We have done it! The possibilities are endless. With this project, you can get creative and have fun. We can also build a regular tile shower.  It is the project that will take the longest and cost the most but if you are that customer that likes custom beautiful things this is for you. If you have ideas that have been floating around your mind call us and we will help put your custom design on paper and build it!

Call 1-800-884-8640.

Custom Pink Retro Walk-in Shower.jpg
Pink Retro Bathroom Floor.jpg
Pink Retro Bathroom .jpg
Tile Before.jpg


Tile Before2.jpg
Tile After3.jpg


Tile After.jpg
Tile After4.jpg
Tile After2.jpg
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